Week 1: Foundations

Fundamentals of Impact and Growth

A kick-off event to meet your fellow batch mates and the program staff. 

Programming will include an overview of the program goals and objectives, the SDGs, and strategies for addressing new audiences. 

Week 2: Impact

What does Impact Mean to You?


During this week you will hear from the UNDP and expert impact mentors about the key considerations of impact and how to begin building them into your business model while strategically positioning your business for sustainability.

Week 3: Growth

Growth Metrics for Your Venture


At each stage of a startup’s lifecycle, and particularly when fundraising, there can be different metrics that matter to you and potential investors. 

This week, we will provide space for you to work on assessing which metrics are relevant, and diving deep into setting targets for the program and beyond.

Week 4: Positioning

How to Tell Your Story


The universes of impact investment and venture capital are distinct from one and other. As such, the stories investors in each area want to hear are inherently different.

Week 5: SGS Geneva

Attend SGS Summit in Geneva


The SDG Finance Geneva Summit (SGSGeneva) is an initiative of the UNDP that brings together high-level decision-makers to forge partnerships for the implementation of the SDGs).


The event works as an innovation springboard: 20 developing country entrepreneurs, early-stage and advanced growth stage - sourced through global accelerators, impact funds, family offices, and venture philanthropists - will pitch products and services that advance the implementation of the SDGs. 

Week 6: Lessons Learned

Recap of Geneva


This week will be centered around a recap of the visit to Geneva and the conversations had with different stakeholders.


Mentors will work with founders to strategize on next steps and take action on connections made during the previous week.

Week 7: Growth

Benchmarking Growth


A key step in any growth journey is measuring and reviewing the progress made. This week you will benchmark your primary growth metrics and ensure that they are the most relevant and important metrics to continue measuring.

Week 8: Impact

Meaningful Impact


This week will focus on long-term impact goals that you set for yourself and your team, to work towards as you continue to scale your venture.

Week 9: Future

Meaningful Impact


This week, you will bring both the growth and impact pieces together for a cohesive narrative. 


This will be important for the final stretch of the program focused on showcasing your selected impact growth strategy.

Week 10: Storytelling

Meaningful Impact


Crafting a meaningful story is pivotal to reaching your audience and ensuring that the message you are trying to convey is communicated clearly. 


This week, we help you to distinguish what elements of your journey should be showcased and how.

Week 11: Capital

Fundraising Options in Impact Space


This week’s topic will revisit the idea of different capital sources and what types of agreements they make. 


Particularly on attracting capital in the space of impact and venture and sharing key tips and tricks.

Week 12: Pitch Prep & Demo Day

Capital Attraction in Impact Space


This week will focus on crystallizing your pitches and stage presence. It will culminate in a Demo Day in front of impact and venture investors as well as key stakeholders in the ecosystem.

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This is a non-investment program, and participation in the program does not include or guarantee an investment from 500 Startups, UNDP, or their respective affiliates. However, participation in the program does not preclude 500 Startups and its affiliates from considering future investments in a participating company.

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